Singer Natti Natasha Took Her Gender Reveal To The Next Level

Hey Latin lovers, it's K Marie, a white girl in a Hispanic world. Have you been seeing pictures on social media of this beautiful pregnant lady? This is Natti Natasha, one of the hottest female Latin artists in the game right now. She isn't a rookie though, she was first on the scene with a #1 hit with Reggaeton star Don Omar called "Dutty Love," eight years ago.

Although she had a few years after that single when things were slow, she made a huge comeback in 2019 when her manager and now fiancé Raphy Pina release her debut album Illuminati through his record label Pina Records.

Raphy Pina launched the record label Pina Records in 1996, and is considered the most famous and successful record label in the Reggaeton industry. Currently the label manages Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Plan B, and more.

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina have since become engaged and are now expecting their first child. Raphy has three children with his previous wife with whom he broke up with in 2017.

Now let's get to the fun part. Natti and Raphy have both been very public and open about their pregnancy journey documenting EVERY LITTLE THING in their stories and timelines. Almost making us feel as if we are there lol.

Gender reveal parties usually are a group of people getting together, family and friends, and you find a creative way to cut a cake or pop a balloon to see if it is blue or pink. Well these lovebirds took gender reveal parties to a whole new level!

They had an extremely large get together at their new home in Miami, with food, tables, decorations, games. It honestly seemed like the most lit gender reveal party I have ever seen. Even Daddy Yankee showed really?

They had the actual reveal holding up smoke bombs which ended up being PINK! They are having a baby GIRL!

We want to congratulate the couple, and can't wait to see what they name her. In the meantime, if you're just getting to know who Natti Natasha is, here are a few of her hit songs:

Photo: Getty Images