Watch Young Money's Long-Awaited Reunion At OVO Fest

Photo: Getty Images

Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne reunited at OVO Fest in Toronto last night (August 6) as Young Money — for the first time in eight years! The rappers played some of their biggest hits in front of about 16,000 fans.

Although the highly-anticipated show was set to take place on Monday (August 1), it was postponed when Drake tested positive for COVID-19. Five days later, he took the stage alongside Nicki and Lily Wayne for an iconic set where they played hits like "Bedrock," "The Motto," "Up All Night," and more. Things ran late at the beginning, so they displayed a screen on stage that read: “Unfortunately, Lil Wayne had some troubles at the border. Luckily, Drake runs the border.”

During the set, Drake praised his label mates in a heartfelt speech. “I’m standing onstage with the greatest rapper of all time,” he said while pointing to Lil Wayne. “And I’m standing onstage with the other greatest rapper of all time, she’s over there with the pink hair. By the way, like, are these b*tches serious? Like, nobody can f*ck with Nicki… [She’s] like the originator – it starts here, ends here, all that shit.” Lil Wayne also announced his upcoming album Tha Carter VI.

Watch some clips from the action-packed night below:

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