Harry Styles Moved To Tears After Receiving Surprise Honor

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Harry Styles got emotional during his final show at his residency at Madison Square Garden when he was surprised with a special honor recognizing his time at the venue.

As the "Late Night Talking" singer concluded his 15-show residency at the New York City venue on Wednesday (September 21), he got quite a shock when he was joined on stage by Gayle King during his encore, per Entertainment Tonight. After a quick hug, King took the mic to tell Styles that he had a "surprise" waiting for him.

"We're all in Harry's House, right?" she exclaimed. "Fifteenth consecutive night of sold-out shows. No artist has ever done that before."

That's when a large white banner was raised inside the venue, with large navy blue letters reading: "Harry Styles 15" followed by "15 Consecutive Nights at the Garden." The "As It Was" singer was overcome with emotion with seeing the banner raise to the rafters, covering his mouth in shock before touching his heart and looking around at the sold-out crowd. The special moment was captured by a fan in the crowd who shared it to TikTok.

While King left the stage, Styles wiped away the tears that had fallen before composing himself and thanking everyone at the venue for their work as well as his band, friends and family.

"There's so many people, again, tonight, who have supported me both professionally and personally throughout my life and I just want to say to all of you, thank you. I would not be on stage if it wasn't for you. Thank you all so much," he said, adding, "I have so many incredible things to be lucky for in my life and I constantly continue to feel the most grateful and the most lucky for the people in my life. I want to thank you for being there for me."

He, of course, also gave a shoutout to all of the fans who have supported him throughout the years.

"Whether you've been supporting me for five minutes, one year, five years, 12 years — you have just changed my life over and over and over again and this is incredibly special," he said.

According to a release from MSG Entertainment, the banner is one of only four music-related banners, held by three artists, hanging in the rafters.

"Selling out 15 consecutive nights at Madison Square Garden is a massive accomplishment and reinforces Harry Styles as one of the most impactful artists of hi generation," said Jim Dolan, executive chairman and CEO, MSG Entertainment. "It is a testament to Harry and his fans that a banner celebrating this remarkable achievement will hang from the rafters alongside some of the most legendary artists and athletes in history."

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