Cardi B & Akbar V Fire Shots In Heated Tirade, Offset Gets Dragged Into It

Cardi B & Akbar V

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Cardi B finally had enough of Akbar V's sneak dissing in subtweets. The Bronx rapper unleashed her rage on the Atlanta native in a heated argument that erupted on Twitter.

On Monday, September 26, the underlying beef between Cardi B and Akbar V came to a head during a tense exchange between both female rappers. Before the drama unfolded, Cardi celebrated the release of her collaboration with GloRilla and other accolades on her Twitter timeline. Shortly afterward, Akbar fired shots on her TL without naming names. Eventually, Akbar's tweets caught Cardi's attention, which prompted her to reach out to the Love & Hip-Hop: ATL star directly.

"Who gave this ho cardi b my number ... gotta be one of y'all weird ass hoes?" V tweeted. "Im laughing this b***h must've woke up on wrong side of bed ima give her a pass... I'm bout ready to upload these text to show the world how this ho suppose to be on positive community service Shit but texting me like she incredibly hulk ...bitch u weigh bout 120 hush up."

Akbar V followed up by releasing a series of text messages between the two rappers. Bardi seemed upset after their private conversation was aired out on social media.

"If we said what we says on the phone why keep texting me after and going to the internet?" Cardi tweeted. "If we said what we said on the phone why keep texting? These all these b***hes want …INTERNET SHOWS..I’m done -_- ... I hate a hoe that throw rocks and hide their hands ..been subtweeting me for months and now you wanna make it about another woman as a shield.Stand on your s**t!!!"

Their feud begin to spread with every tweet they sent. The 33-year-old rapper continued by claiming Cardi doesn't write her own raps and referred to her and husband Offset as "some hoes." After she dragged the Migos rapper into their mess, Akbar claimed Offset called her about the situation. She even shared his alleged phone number online. Cardi responded to the insults by posting (and deleting) a video of Akbar allegedly performing oral sex on someone. Eventually, Offset finds out about all the posts that mention his name and decided to fire back at Akbar as well.

"Police ass hoe I ain’t called you and If Any N***a played with me get blitzed ask around," the Migos member responded. "B***h that’s not my number, why would I call you when bitch already handling you lame ass hoe."

The dust eventually settled but so far no one has called for a truce. Akbar V's Twitter account appears to be suspended while Cardi and Offset appear to move on. Check out the entire exchange below.

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